school events

Planning something big for your school? Let's make it a party regardless of the occasion. If you are planning for your school's junior / senior prom, homecoming dance, winter formal, graduation party, pep rally, assembly or school play. Art Of Sound will be there to help you with what ever sound needs you may encounter.

Looking for a Middle School or High School DJ?

Art Of Sound can create the atmosphere for a high-energy dance that will set the entertainment benchmark for all of your school's future dances. We can offer your school's committee something unique, that will make this dance the one to top.

These will be the memories you look back on, years from now. Why should your planning committee trust anything less for your once in a lifetime event. When it's time for your school's biggest event of the year, don't forget to invite us.

What Type Of Music Will You Play?

There will be no surprises with the music we play at your school's event, because you have complete control. All the music we play and provide for school events are lyrically correct / amended radio edited versions of songs that may other wise previously had some form of profanity.

Rest assured that, when it comes to building our playlists or taking music requests from students, we'll be as strict, or as lenient as you would like us to be.

What sound system will you provide for our school's big dance?

Most DJ companies use a sound system that is designed to be used at small to medium sized events. These sound systems usually include two mid-sized powered speakers. This type of sound system is great for most weddings and other types of private events. However, it is not suitable when used in gymnasiums or other large rooms with 300 to 600 students.

There are two factors that make a larger sound system necessary at most school dances:

1. The size of the event space used for most high school dances is often three or four times larger than the average venue. In addition to that, the height of the ceiling in larger rooms absorbs sound quickly.

2. The average number of students attending a school dance is about 250 people. The sheer quantity of people absorbs sound. This is the most important factor!

When calling around for a DJ company, it is important for you to find one that is capable of providing you with a sufficient amount of sound for your school's dance. We at Art Of Sound have more than ten years of experience and everything you need to make your event a total success.

Please give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions.