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Monogram Projection & Uplighting Services

We at Art Of Sound are proud to announce that we now offer wireless LED uplighting and monogram projection as a service that can be added to any of our DJ or photo booth packages. Completely transform the look of your venue and wow your wedding guests the second they walk in by bundling our uplighting package together with a custom monogram design. Our innovative lighting technology is a sure way to give your event a personal touch!

Would you like to use more than one color throughout the evening for let's say cocktail hour, dinner and dancing? Our lights have built in wireless DMX (think Wifi) which allows us to control all of our uplighting fixtures simultaneously. This allows us to match just about any theme color with a push of a button.

Battery power also gives us more versatility by allowing us to put our lights in a place that does not have power, such as to illuminate a balcony at a venue, or to light up pillars without power outlets on them. It also means there are no cords to hide or tape down, eliminating tripping hazards.

Weddings, corporate events, proms, formals or whatever the event may be, uplighting will intensively transform your event space into something special!

Wireless Uplighting

Note: Uplighting is available as an add-on only.

Custom Colors

Choose any color or color combination.

Battery Powered

All of our uplights are battery powered and do not require any messy power cords or electricity from the venue.

Totally Cool

Our LED lighting fixtures will run cool all night and are completely safe to the touch with no risk of burns or fire.

For smaller venues or events with 100 guests or less, our standard minimum lighting package comes with 12 lighting fixtures.
Most of the weddings and events with at least 200-250 guests in attendance require 20 uplights.

Monogram Projection

Monogram projection will instantly add a beautiful elegant element to any venue!

We are proud to offer the capability of projecting your event name, initials or company logo on a floor, wall or ceiling if full color.

No matter where you choose to project the monogram, it will be enjoyed by all and makes a wonderful statement design.

Note: Monograms are available as an add-on only.

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Erika Quinones

Review on Linkedin

As a Lodi Chamber of Commerce Ambassador I had the privilege of meeting Peggy and her talented team at the Lodi Chamber BBQ at Sanborn Chevrolet and all I can say is WOW! What an amazing job they did getting people comfortable enough to get engaged in their photo-booth. Thank you so much!

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How Many Uplights Do I Need?

If you booked a large venue and are expecting over 200 guests, or if you have variety of items or areas you would like to highlight, then we always recommend more fixtures. It’s always better to have too many lights then not enough.

Whether we're placing a light under the main table or behind the cake, there's always a place to put an extra light!

Generally, if you have a copy of the floor plans from the venue, we can give you a pretty accurate estimate as to how many lighting fixtures we recommend. Chances are, we’ve done an event there before and already know the venue. If necessary, we’d be more than happy to make a site visit.

Not Sure Which Package is Right For You?

If you are in doubt of which package fits your needs, simply contact us and we will help you choose the right one.

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