What We Do As Wedding DJ's

  • Peggy A. Ojeda

We do a lot more than just play music at your wedding!

There's this misconception that a DJ's job is just to play music. Although that assumption may be true in some cases (a night club comes to mind), when it comes to weddings, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes that most people are not aware of.

Often times the DJ will set the tone of the evening from the first introduction on the mic or the first song played at your wedding. The DJ is responsible for keeping a rhythm to the evening that allows for all of those special reception events to take place within the time allotted.

Although it may not seem like a lot, a good disc jockey is always coordinating behind the scenes, all-the-while the music never stops: is the venue lighting too bright or too dim? are the caterers ready to bring out the food? is the champagne ready to go for the toasts? where did the bride's dad go before the father daughter dance? is the bouquet available for the toss? and the list goes on and on.

Below you’ll find a short sample checklist of just some of the things that we gladly do for all of our brides and grooms. All the while having a smile on our face!

Our Checklist

Before the wedding date
  • Contact the venue manager, photographer, videographer and special performers if any to introduce ourselves and go over the early planning information.
  • Create an itinerary / timeline and forward to wedding vendors.

Day of wedding - before event
  • Arrive at the venue early, introduce ourselves to the banquet manager and staff, verify room the wedding reception will be held in and set up location.
  • Unload equipment, set-up, hide exposed wires and cords with velcro straps or gaffers tape, test and adjust lights, sound equipment and microphones.
  • View equipment from all angles and make sure our station is clean and neat.
  • Go over agenda with catering manager and verify whether dinner will be a sit down or buffet style.
  • Load cocktail hour or dinner playlist and start playing music when wedding guests start to arrive.

Day of wedding - early on during event
  • Find out seating arrangement for wedding party, parents, immediate family and vendors. Look out for the photographer and videographer, reintroduce ourselves and go over the itinerary / timeline and give them a copy.
  • Find out if either of them will be taking the bride and groom away from the reception area at some point. If so plan for the time gap accordingly with did you know (fun facts), true or false game etc.
  • Locate person giving blessing for the food and instruct him/her on timing, how to properly use the microphone and where to stand to avoid feedback.
  • Greet wedding party outside or in lobby, verify all pronunciations and the order that they will be introduced and instruct wedding party on the route to the dance floor or seating at the head table.
  • For buffet style dinners, coordinate release of guests tables through buffet line.
  • Talk to the best man and maid or matron of honor and ask if they have a toast planned and what they're planning to say.
  • Instruct each speaker on the proper use of the microphone and remind them to raise their glass and finish with "Cheers" or "Salud"
  • Make sure everyone who is giving a toast is in the room, verify with catering staff that glasses are filled with champagne, all parents are in the room and that photographer and videographer are ready.
  • Proceed with the toasts, and so on and so forth.

And the list goes on and on right down to the final announcement for the evening or the last song being played.