Top Money Dance Songs

  • Peggy A. Ojeda

Finding a handful of suitable songs to play for the money dance at your wedding reception can be a bit tricky. The most important factor to keep in mind when curating a playlist is that songs choices can either make or break this wedding event.

The most important thing to consider when finalizing your playlist is to incorporate popular songs that appeal to a wide range of ages and personalities.

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The money dance which is frequently also referred to as the dollar dance or the honeymoon dance is a fascinating wedding tradition that can often stir up a bit of debate among family and friends.

If you’re not familiar with the money or honeymoon dance, it generally consists of your wedding guests lining up for the opportunity to dance and congratulate the bride and groom.

If done right, the money dance can be a fun and interactive part of the wedding reception!

Here are a few examples of the different ways you can collect the money.

  • 1. Guests can pin money on either the bride or groom
  • 2. Put the money in a purse that the maid of honor holds
  • 3. Is to toss it in the air around the newlywed couple

The donations are a kind gesture of well-wishes for the newlywed couple. The money collected is often used for the bridal couple’s honeymoon, which brings us back to the name "honeymoon dance."

So what’s the catch? In a nutshell, the dance requires an optional monetary donation for the privilege of dancing with the bride and groom. The donation amount is usually one dollar, hence the name of the dance. It’s also not uncommon for some guests to decorate the bride and groom with money origami art, such as a money crown.

While many guests look forward to and enjoy this wedding tradition, an equal number may dislike it and find it to be a bit tacky. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you make your decision more manageable if you’re still undecided on this issue.

The Good

  • The money dance gives newlywed couples the opportunity to recoup some of their wedding expenses for their honeymoon.
  • It also gives you a chance to dance and visit with wedding guests that you previously had not had the opportunity to spend a whole lot of time with at your reception.
  • The dollar dance also serves as the perfect opportunity to incorporate a few extra slow to mid-tempo songs before the party officially kicks off.

The Bad

Here are a couple of things to consider before committing to the dollar dance:

  • More often than not the primary concern most couples have when it comes to the dollar dance is that they don't want to make their guests feel obligated to give them money. In such an instance, it’s extremely important to confirm that every guest knows that the dollar dance is entirely optional.
  • Some guests will use the dance as an opportunity to sneak off and call it a night. This often happens when the dollar dance consists of too many love songs. After all, the last thing you want to do is, put everyone who is not participating in the dance to sleep.

The Alternatives

  • Appreciation dance – same concept as a traditional money dance, but instead of receiving a monetary donation, flip the script and give a small favor or token of appreciation to every dance partner you have.